Can the work we do 

stand the test of time?


Agent of change. Katalyst is driven to unearth contextual catalytic moves for the public realm. We pursue the seed that will turn good to great by introducing the right stimulus to accelerate the process. With a focus on listening, we partner to align the interests of many and respond to what we've heard with creativity that pushes beyond the expected.


"I would recommend Katalyst to any group that is searching for a consultant that will listen to the community and really embrace what makes their community unique. At the same time, be prepared to push the boundaries a bit and be open to the many new ideas that will likely be presented throughout the process."

- Alyssa Knudsen, City Liaison,
Fort Lupton Urban Renewal Authority, Fort Lupton, CO
"We found Richard and his team to be hard working professionals, tireless in exploring creative solutions to complex issues, while remaining grounded in the realities of contemporary land development economics. They were proactive leaders in a multidisciplinary team that dealt with a wide range of development programming efforts, including physical and thematic land use planning, site and building design, infrastructure right-sizing, and financial analysis."
- Bob Santos, Fivepoint Communities,
Heritage Fields Transit-Oriented Development/Lifelong Learning, Irvine, CA



"The Master Plan brought structure to our community planning through the establishment of a vision for the center city and the recommendations of districts, neighborhoods, and themes; it stressed the importance of connectivity and provided plans to facilitate connectivity; most exciting of all, it propelled us into building a center city park, a baseball park, and the Downtown Greenway, all of which had been talked about for years, but for which there had been no action; it built on our center city’s strengths; and it challenged and inspired us with bold ideas that would set Greensboro apart from other communities."
- Susan Shore Schwartz, The Cemala Foundation,
Greensboro Center City Plan, Greensboro, NC

Katalyst. An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.