Who we are...We are design innovators, collaborators
and problem-solvers in the creation of place. Change agents... stimulating smooth, efficient, positive change beyond the expected.

What we offer.

Creation of Place:
 Mixed-use development
 Planning and land use typologies
 Transit and transit-oriented
     development (TOD) design
 Public realm planning
 Enhanced pedestrian and bicycle
 Preservation and adaptive reuse

Creation of Brand:
 Place branding
 Visual identity/logo design
 Visual communication systems
 Brand & identity guidelines
 Environmental design/signage
 Project booklet development

Why Katalyst. Katalyst believes in a synergy of place and people. We collaborate in design of the public realm that responds to human need and desire. Our integrated practice of urban design, graphic design and planning focuses on context driven catalytic moves. Our ideaology: form follows function and social good and economic benefit can coexist and, in fact, energize each other. Katalyst offers more than 25 years of national and international experience. A collaborative ethos brings tailored skill sets to each endeavor.

Essence of Place.  Every place and community is unique and evolving. Thus, our process is free of preconceived notions. Each project starts with a clean canvas, yet is rooted in its history, culture, values, and people. We push the creative thought to find the "tipping points" that catalyze incremental changes that are relevant, yet inspiring.
Feet First. Our solutions are pedestrian-driven. Why? Because an interactive experience is the foundation to great neighborhoods, communities and cities. Pedestrian-driven developments inherently stimulate environments for biking, transit, and automobiles to interact in a balanced manner. Our focus on the pedestrian experience enhances value creation for existing and new development, invigorates the culture of a place, and assists in promoting long-term economic success.

Be an agent of change. Our clients include cities, local and federal transit authorities, transit agencies, private developers, economic development agencies and corporations, business improvement districts (BIDs), institutions, corporations, foundations, land owners, and property managers. At Katalyst, our process is egoless and collaborative. Our people bring ideas, expertise, creativity and passion that add value to projects, regardless of how big or small our role is. We know how to lead as well as support, and for this reason, many of our clients also include other design professionals.