greenville, south carolina



carolina first bank &

the furman company



+/- 65 acres



300,000 sf


Land Uses:

office, conference, &

open space

Carolina First Corporate Campus

Carolina First Corporate Campus, now called TD Bank Campus, is a brownfield development site that redefines the American office park by instilling a philosophy of place where humans relate to the environment. In order to create this attractive, activated place where people can work and interact, the campus is a modern interpretation of the mannerist ideology, where the quality of the development is influenced by artful outdoor spaces. The campus is in essence a public park in which buildings are the backdrop to the dramatic landscape. Seven spaces influenced by the arts offer differing settings that layer the natural and mannered, formal and informal, expected and unexpected to create enjoyable, memorable spaces.


The first phase, which has been implemented, includes three buildings and the entire campus landscaping and establishes the theme for the entire campus. From the landscape emerges the conference center at the core of the campus, flanked by the first two office buildings along the lake’s edge. Future building pads are planted with native tree bisques until future building construction occurs in later phases – a working tree farm. Pervious-surface parking lots are built according to the master plan to park employees and visitors to the campus, with future parking structure locations identified as infill future development occurs.


The project depicted hereon is a project of Cooper Carry, Inc. Richard J Flierl was principal-in-charge of this project while employed by Cooper Carry, Inc.