Draper. Utah


Christiansen Development


land uses:
single family, multifamily, community center, championship golf course, retail, open space

South Mountain New Town Master Plan

South Mountain is a new town master planned community development  located on the point of the mountain, in the city of Draper, Utah. The developers were interested in being one of the first to develop a traditional neighborhood development (TND) and one that would be built by national home builders over time through the use of a development guideline approved by the City of Draper.


The new town sits amongst the three benches of the point of the mountain and is sensitively sited to take advantage of the flat zones between the lifts of the bench topography. through the center of the plan is located a PGA sanctioned 18 hole championship caliber target golf course. The master planning team worked closely with the golf course designers Graham Panks. The development takes advantage of unobstructed views of the Salt Lake valley and the skyline of Salt Lake City. The plan is predominantly single family detached product with a strategically positioned mixed use town center and community center.


Richard Flierl led this project while employed by EDAW.