st. george, utah



tech ridge llc &
the city of st. george




+/- 155 acres


Land Uses:

retail, restaurants, office,

entertainment, hotel, residential, education, healthcare, civic/

public & open space

associated team members:

landscape architect: Britina Design Group; market analysis: The Concord Group; public financing: DPFG; architecture: Cooper Carry; project management Outpost Capital:

Tech Ridge Master Plan

Tech Ridge is a master development plan for the redevelopment of the 155 acre City owned St. George Municipal Airport property. The visionary concept behind the plan is focused on the integration of entrepreneurial Technology growth in Southern Utah within a new type of cultural mixed use. In the late summer of 2017, the City of St. George Utah, offered the airport for developers to compete and offer the city a vision for a future of prosperity. The Tech Ridge team led by Tech Ridge LLC as the developer, Katalyst and the lead designer asked the question, “What does the future of downtown St. George look like in the wake of the RFP? The answer that emerged from this talented team is centered on Technology based business within a mixed use context enveloped by a 60 acre legacy park and public realm that will define the culture of private development for all of Southern Utah to enjoy. This new kind of public realm will connect The Ridge, both physically and visually,  with downtown St. George, allowing for a synergistic strategy to be executed. Both the private mixed use development and the public spaces will synergistically coexist in order to strengthen the overall value of each. This 21st century thinking will have the effect of linking downtown to the top of the ridge and allow for an obvious expansion of the downtown business culture, linking it to an extensive public realm that will become the hub of an outdoor recreation destination.


The plan consists of three big moves, or focal points, which include: The Ridge Park, the overall connective tissue of the plan; The Tech Commons, the heart of the entrepreneurial spirit of a burgeoning technology culture; The Crescent, the urban core of the plan; and the Point, a mixed-use, hospitality based, new urban neighborhood. Each of these unique planning and urban design moves will bring a synergy between the park and land use development…a seamless assimilation. The plan will use as its greatest asset, the beauty that is the natural environment of St. George and will be known for its seamless assimilationof the legacy park, the built land uses, and the natural environment.