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preliminary and refined conceptual master plan, street sections, conceptual master plan booklet



Fort Lupton Streetscape Master Plan

In the fall of 2018, the Fort Lupton Urban Renewal Authority (FLURA) set out to develop a streetscape master plan in response to the recommendations adopted by the City in its Comprehensive Plan for Denver Avenue and 1st Street (Hwy 52). FLURA decided to begin the process with the most critical portions of the two corridors: along 1st Street from Highway 85 to Denver Avenue, and along Denver Avenue from 1st Street to 9th Street, an area coined through the design process as “The L”. This area set the stage for a dynamic and catalytic community-based master planning process of the two corridors. To fully engage the city residents and stakeholders, Katalyst conducted an interactive, 2-day “Feet First Workshop” to determine a collaborative vision. Katalyst recommended a phasing plan that builds upon and respects the colorful concepts of long standing rural community traditions. The community collectively adopted a streetscape planning area  segmented into smaller, manageable catalytic areas that could be implemented independently by the FLURA Board. The intersection of Denver Avenue and 4th Street, the heart of the town’s historic building stock, was determined as the most advantageous place to begin initial streetscape investment followed by an outward movement along Denver Avenue. 

“Rooted in Fort Lupton” became the guiding premise for a new brand identity embracing the community’s agricultural roots while leading downtown Fort Lupton on a path to becoming a national example of sustainability, economic development, merchandising, and urban agriculture. Implementation of this concept into the identity, streetscapes, plazas, alleys, and parks would encourage a greater interest in healthy living, local food production and consumption, while making reference to agricultural traditions, the canning industry, and the merchant mentality of the past, present, and future.