raleigh, north Carolina


city of raleigh, downtown raleigh alliance


 +/- 440 acres


land uses:
retail, restaurants, entertainment, residential, office, convention, hotel, civic, & open space

Downtown Raleigh "Five in 5" Vision Master Plan

The Downtown Raleigh planning process began with a four-day workshop. During this workshop, we crafted goals and guiding principles, driven by the citizens, to generate the vision for the city’s heart. Establishing five goals to be completed in five years – the “Five in 5” – the plan gives focus to the work ahead: reopen the Fayetteville Street Mall; build the Convention Center; build a Convention Center Hotel; attract a major corporate headquarters; and add urban housing. The plan sets a framework for improving the pedestrian environment of downtown by connecting existing and emerging neighborhoods to Fayetteville Street. This framework further studies the conversion of east/west streets to two-way streets, investigating federal funding, and connecting to transit with pedestrian linkages. The opening of Fayetteville Street, known as North Carolina’s Main Street, was a transformational investment given the $25 million public investment that has thus far generated $2.3 billion in completed, planned, or under construction development public/private projects.  Named ‘America’s Best City’ in Businessweek.com, September 2011.

The project depicted hereon is a project of Cooper Carry, Inc. Richard J Flierl was principal-in-charge of this project while employed by Cooper Carry, Inc.