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city of arvada



1.25 mile corridor


preliminary and refined schematic plan, street sections, design standards booklet



Ralston Road Streetscape Master Plan

The 1.25 mile Ralston Road Corridor, between Old Wadsworth Road and Garrison Street, represents the historic beginning of the City of Arvada and is the front door to civic assets such as, City Hall, Wolff Park, and Central Park. The conceptual streetscape provides for a pedestrian-driven design that encourages the creation of strong, safe connections to the surrounding neighborhoods, linking residents to important landmarks along Ralston Road. A design centered on “The 5-Minute Walk”, a comfortable walking radius, brings balance to the environments for walking, biking and automobile by encouraging residents to walk rather than drive. The streetscape enhances the value of existing and new development along the corridor. 

The corridor master plan incorporates a rhythm sequence with three distinct sections that correlate to uses within and surrounding each section while also providing visual interest and diversity. The redesign honors the evolution of Ralston Road through elements that reference historically significant events, i.e.: Colorado’s first gold discovery in Ralston Creek, Arvada’s rich farming heritage as the “Celery capitol of the world”, the town’s original 100 residents and the legend of the mysterious Hackberry tree. A new civic public plaza surrounding City Hall enhances the public realm, offering  a space for Arvada citizens to gather in celebration while Wolff Park incorporates a “Celery Garden”  referencing Arvada’s agricultural history. Art installation opportunities along the corridor further establish Arvada as a Cultural Arts destination.