santa monica





st. joe company



+/- 80 acres


Land Uses:

streetscape & park

Palisades Park

Palisades Park is a spectacular bluff top historic park space in the heart of the City of Santa Monica, California. This renowned park is a historic element within the varied and vibrant public realm of Santa Monica. The ambience of the park reveals itself as it rests on the top of the bluff overlooking Santa Monica Beach, the Santa Monica Pier, and the vast western views of the Pacific Ocean. Richard Flierl, while with EDAW, assisted the community through a series of public workshops and extensive outreach and engagement, in the preparation of a renovation master plan for the entire park length. Richard collaborated with other EDAW landscape architects in the following design initiatives:  interviewed park users, prepared a unified community vision, set the course for both renovated gardens, the restoration of the historic pergola, as well as the development of a plan for new park programming, renewed and new bathroom locations, an enhancement of the gardens surrounding the senior center, upgrades to many of the park elements such as playgrounds, shuffle board competition courts, enhanced and improved lawn bowling facilities, a new and improved soft material running path, improved bluff edge balustrade, improved bluff drainage and erosion control, as well as a new and improved rose garden and native California coastal gardens throughout.


The project depicted hereon is a project of EDAW, Inc. Richard J Flierl participated in this project while employed by EDAW, Inc.