"Over my career I have worked with a great many consultants, as well as being a Landscape Architect myself. While I was President of Downtown Greensboro Inc., I was lucky enough to have Rich work with us on the Downtown Masterplan for Greensboro, NC, plus several of our small, more detailed area plans. I found Rich to be one of the most visionary, creative and talented urban designers I have known. He truly understands the complex interactions that must work to make an urban space work successfully. His passion for great design and great public spaces is truly felt by the people that come near him."

Raymond Gibbs, Forward Highpoint

Downtown Masterplan, Greensboro, NC

"Working with Rich Flierl was a pleasure and the outcomes were extraordinary. Specifically, I want to mention that Flierl and his team were:

---Highly professional and dependable – Rich led his team well. Met deadlines, worked well with the variety of personalities in our community, and designed and led community workshops. Rich Flierl and his team listened to what leaders and ordinary citizens had to say. Renderings and narratives were comprehensible and inspiring.
---Extraordinarily creative – The Master Plan brought structure to our community planning through the establishment of a vision for the center city and the recommendations of districts, neighborhoods, and themes; it stressed the importance of connectivity and provided plans to facilitate connectivity; most exciting of all, it propelled us into building a center city park, a baseball park, and the Downtown Greenway, all of which had been talked about for years, but for which there had been no action; it built on our center city’s strengths; and it challenged and inspired us with bold ideas that would set Greensboro apart from other communities.
---Accessible – Rich Flierl was accessible. He was available for community meetings and charrettes, City Council and City Staff meetings, conferences with funders, information sessions with the media, and more.  He worked with our deadlines."

Susan Shore Schwartz, The Cemala Foundation

Greensboro Center City Plan, Greensboro, NC

"What is most important to note in our working relationship is that Richard Flierl and his team were able to work with a 73 member project development team. These members consisted of cities, county agencies, state agencies, non-profits, utilities, private companies and educational institutes, all of which were vying for their agency to be heard. The Team was able to take their ideas and create a conceptual design that encompasses the needs of the community while staying true to Omnitrans’ goal of providing convenient, safe and reliable service. The conceptual design is completed and Omnitrans is able to move forward with the architectural and engineering phase of the San Bernardino Transit Center and Transit Village."

Rohan A. Kuruppu, Riverside Transit Agency

San Bernardino Transit Center & Transit Village, San Bernardino, CA

"We found Richard and his team to be hard working professionals, tireless in exploring creative solutions to complex issues, while remaining grounded in the realities of contemporary land development economics. They were proactive leaders in a multidisciplinary team that dealt with a wide range of development programming efforts, including physical and thematic land use planning, site and building design, infrastructure right-sizing, and financial analysis.

We were so impressed, we subsequently enlisted their services in a second of our development districts, the Lifelong Learning District. They were instrumental in envisioning a unique residential/retail/R&D/educational area patterned after a small town with a "Main Street" at its heart."


Bob Santos, Fivepoint Communities

Heritage Fields Transit-Oriented Development/Lifelong Learning, Irvine, CA

"Their deep interest in and research into our community, their broad experience with projects all over the country, and their professionalism and execution of deliverables are all a part of our continued successful implementation of the Greensboro Downtown Greenway project. The early vision imagined for the Downtown Greenway encouraged our community to think big and to stretch for something that it had not previously considered in its wildest imagination. It set us on a path at the forefront of creative, innovative, placemaking that will define our city for generations to come."

Dabney Sanders, Action Greensboro

Downtown Greenville Strategic Master Plan, Greenville, NC

"I want to add that Rich has a very special knack for communicating new and out-of-the-box ideas. The greatest example of this is that the team introduced the idea of a roundabout at one of the City's key intersections. The fact that they didn't immediately get run out of town for this is a testament to how Rich is able to engage people. I also appreciated that Katalyst is not afraid to bring all possible ideas to the table, not just the easiest ones. The Katalyst group is also skilled at drawing out ideas from the community and incorporating them into the final plan, such as honoring the City's agricultural and pioneering past throughout the document (thus "Rooted in Fort Lupton" as the title of the plan."

Alyssa Knudsen, City Liaison, Fort Lupton Urban Renewal Authority

Fort Lupton Streetscape Masterplan, Fort Lupton, CO


Southern CA Association of Governments Sustainability Award/Integrated Planning Category-Midtown Specific Planning Long Beach, CA

American Planning Association Great Places in America-Great Streets 2018 Planning Excellence-Fayetteville Street
American Planning Association- North Carolina Chapter -Best Main Street Fayetteville Street
American Society of Landscape Architects Excellence in Communication and Marketing Award- June 2001
American Nevada Company Design Competition - 1st Place, Flierl, Sax
Heritage Fields Orange County Great Park TOD International Competition - 1st Place
AIA Honor Award for Design, Centennial Mall ASLA Georgia Chapter, Merit Award, City of Savannah – Ellis Square
ASLA Honor Award for Design, Colorado Chapter, Coors Field
ASLA Honor Award for Design, Great Plains Chapter, First National Bank Business Center
ASLA Honor Award for Planning, Colorado Chapter, South Mountain New Community
ASLA Honor Award Planning, Tri State Chapters, Greensboro Center City Plan
ASLA Honor Award Planning, Tri State Region, Memphis Main Street
ASLA Merit Award Planning, Tri State Chapters, Southwood Town Center and Central Park
ASLA Merit Award for Design, Colorado Center, Tennyson Center for Children and Families
ASLA President’s Award for Excellence for Design, Great Plains Chapter, Centennial Mall Redevelopment Preservation Planning Award, Memphis Heritage, Inc. Memphis Main Street Development Plan