san Bernardino, California




station: 12.13 acres
tod: +/- 425 acres


station: 676,725 sf
tod: 8.5 million sf

land uses:
retail, restaurants, office, residential, hotel, cultural, civic/public, transit,  & open space


San Bernardino Transit Center & Transit Village

The design of the new intermodal Transit Center and Transit Village in Downtown San Bernardino provided facilities for both current and future transit service, including  commuter rail, bus rapid transit (BRT), light rail, high speed rail, local and regional buses, shuttles, an airport connection, taxis, bicycles, and pedestrians. The vision defined the Transit Center as a piece of civic, public art and urban edge to Downtown. The Transit Center is designed as a collection of mixed use buildings oriented around a main public plaza, with a future development pad preserved for a future iconic, mixed use office building on the 100% corner of the site. 

As a downtown location, there were many opportunities, constraints and design guidelines that had to be addressed to make sure that the infrastructure needs of each mode of transit within the facility design did not have a negative impact on pedestrian experience and urban expression of the Transit Center Development in relation to the quarter-mile Transit Village and the rest of Downtown. The project consisted of a 12-subconsultant team and an extensive 73-member stakeholder group which met monthly in Project Development Team Meetings to review technical aspects of the project and to make recommendations for future actions. As a federally funded project, all necessary documenting and reporting to meet FTA guidelines were satisfied.


The project depicted hereon is a project of Cooper Carry, Inc. Richard J Flierl was principal-in-charge of this project while employed by Cooper Carry, Inc.