washington, d.c.


clark realty


 +/- 130 acres

3.7 million sf


land uses:
retail, restaurants, residential, office, research & development, hotel, education, civic, transit,   & open space


Poplar Point

Poplar Point was an innovative design competition for Clark Realty, the developer chosen by the District of Columbia to revitalize an underutilized swath of land on the Anacostia River. Poplar Point creates a transit-oriented, mixed use development district around the Anacostia stop on the Metro Green Line. This development fronts along a new world class waterfront park, designed with formal working wetlands as a sustainable water treatment plant that cleanses the runoff from the development before it enters the river. 


The park is designed with a new Education Pavilion and Memorial Gardens, to commemorate Frederick Douglass, a prominent abolitionist and former resident of the historic neighborhood. A new iconic footbridge will provide a pedestrian connection between the development and the new Washington Nationals stadium and proposed soccer stadium on the north side of the river. A freeway cap park over the 295 Freeway re-stitches the disconnect created by the freeway to the historic Anacostia neighborhood, and becomes a large-scale urban garden that provides fresh food for the local community and beyond.


The project depicted hereon is a project of Cooper Carry, Inc. Richard J Flierl was principal-in-charge of this project while employed by Cooper Carry, Inc.