fountain valley, california


city ventures


 +/- 14.3 acres


500,000 sf


land uses:
retail, restaurants, residential, office, hotel, public/civic, & open space

Fountain Valley Civic Center Development Plan

The Fountain Valley Civic Center Development plan creates a new civic center complex set within a walkable, horizontal mixed use development and gateway site off the 405 Freeway. The plan creates a series of streets and smaller development blocks that break down the superblock nature of the site. The new civic center along Brookhurst Street consists of three buildings organized around a new civic plaza, the western terminus to a linear park running through the site.  This linear park serves as the main east/west pedestrian connection through the site and connects to the existing Heritage Park, wrapped by mixed density residential uses. 


The existing library is preserved and becomes the terminus vista to a new street that serves as the main north/south pedestrian connection in the site. This street intersects the linear park and is lined by office and residential uses with retail at the Slater Avenue intersection. Parking in the development is located in surface lots behind these main pedestrian spines and in subterranean podium structures.


The project depicted hereon is a project of Cooper Carry, Inc. Richard J Flierl was principal-in-charge of this project while employed by Cooper Carry, Inc.